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Why sponsor a child?

Thousands of children across the country live in extreme poverty, with very little hope for a better life.
They are the ones who are rendered homeless with no one to love or be loved, with no one to take care of their basic needs like food and shelter, let alone provide them education and care.
Some of them cannot ever experience what having one’s family feels like, since they are made homeless soon after their birth…. such can be the cruelty of fate at times.
It is these children we see on the streets; begging, being exploited or taking to drugs and crimes in sheer desperation or out of necessity.

Children are the future of mankind.
It is a fact that children brought up in a healthy and happy environment along with good education, grow up to be better human beings and consequently better citizens, thereby contributing more to the society in general.
Our concern is these unfortunate children – to provide them with the basics of life, i.e. a home, education, love and affection, and above all an existence with dignity, to try and make up for some of the joys of childhood lost on them and to give them hope for the future, so that they may not just survive but live life, like their more fortunate brethren.
You can help one child in need through Sneh Chhanv Foundation’s child sponsorship programme.
We believe that the best way to help a child is to strengthen the community in which the child lives.
When you sponsor a child for Rs. 700 every month, your donations are combined with those from other sponsors to provide children with access to food, clean water, education and health care and it will also help carry about various development work in the child’s community.
With nearly 8 years of experience in India, Sneh Chhanv Foundation works in 4 districts, impacting around thousands of children and their families.

Sponsoring a child brings happiness
SCF strongly believes that every child, irrespective of economic status, has the right to education. With that in mind, there is no greater travesty than children being denied education, not because they’re unwilling, but because they cannot afford their books, uniforms and academic fee.

By sponsoring a child’s education, you not only give the child a future, but also help reduce illiteracy and increase the child’s quality of life. When you sponsor a child’s education, you educate a child and all the future generations that are yet to come.

As a sponsor, you will receive regular reports and updates regarding your ward’s academic and extracurricular activities.

Payment Options

Note: Please email your payment details to after making a payment.
1. Cheque/DD
You can send a cheque/DD payable at par at Noida
In favour of: Sneh chhanv Foundation
Address: LGF 01,Fragrence Apartment, Agrasen Plaza, Salarpur,Sector-102,
NOIDA-201 301, U.P.,

2. Payment from abroad (Bank outside India)

B-24, Sector-22, (Near Sector-24),
NOIDA Branch (03523) U.P.
Savings A/c. No. 1033068907
IFSC Code : CBIN0283523
MICR : 110016125

Ph.No +91 120 2536416/2531521
Income Tax rebate »Exempted U/S 80G of the I/T Act 1951 Vide No. DIT (EXEM) /95-96/1108 S/1918 F.C.R.A. No. : 136810029 Dt. 08-01-1996


Thousands of Women and Children in India who are Survivors of Violence at their homes, office, streets are searching the internet to find help and support to deal with the shock and trauma. They are afraid to go to the police because of the associated social taboos and perceptions.

Hundreds of Caregivers – Credible Helplines, NGOs, Lawyers, Social Workers, Counselors in India who are working towards ending violence against women and child sexual abuse do not have a common platform which can help them become more accessible to Victims in Need of their help, Volunteers, Donations & Support.

Thousands of Supporters looking for ways to support the fight to end violence against women and children in india in their own ways like Volunteering, Donations.

No easy way for Survivors to find Information about Caregivers that are relevant, credible, close.
No Platform for caregivers to become more accessible to survivors, share their work, recruit volunteers, raise donations.
No easy way for Supporters to find caregivers that they can connect with and support by volunteering, donations.


A Web Platform which will connect Survivors directly to caregivers and also create a unique and committed ecosystem of Volunteers & Donors who will support the fight to end violence against women and children in India.

Survivors can Effortlessly Find Information about caregivers that is accessible, verified, credible and relevant.
Caregivers can easily create a profile on the platform and get themselves verified and become accessible to Survivors and Supporters.
Supporters will be able to easily find caregivers and connect with them to volunteer and donate.

The Journey So Far… launched in March 2015. Please visit by clicking here
Today the platform hosts information about 280 Verified Caregivers that have been crowdsourced by Volunteers.
Everyday 900 Unique Visitors to the platform searching for help.
We are India’s biggest online directory of caregivers who are working to end violence against women and children in India.

Our Ambition:

Improve our platform and make it more user friendly and accessible

Add 100 more caregivers by the end of 2016

Integrate Volunteering and Donate options for 50 caregivers.