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We are non-profit / charitable / fund raising / NGO / organization. Our charity activities are taken place around the world.


SNEH CHHANV FOUNDATION improves the quality of life of every individual through sustained change in their social, physical, economic status with special emphasis on the most vulnerable section of the society like women, children and elder people. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security. Our Programme Goal People from all communities across India ,with special emphasis on the most vulnerable section of the society like women, children and elder people will be facilitated with all the support of health,physical, economic status from Sneh Chhanv Foundation.


SNEH CHHANV FOUNDATION visualizes the world where there is no poverty and every human being lives with dignity, security and sound state of both physical and mental health without discrimination of caste, creed, color or nationality.

Our nonprofit organization usually I understand the difficulties that people at there faced. In order to contribute to resolve this problems, part incharity events and activities.
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Sneh Chhanv Foundation envisions a society where there is an opportunity for every child at every level. Every child contains enormous abilities. To enhance these abilities, they need proper mentoring and exposure. Educate to empower program aims at nurturing those qualities, which enhances the skill of the child. To keep this in mind, Educate to Empower Program is designed in such a way that the drop outs won’t feel alone at any moment in their life. There is a support available at each stage and proper guidance will be provided.


The program aims to cover 30 students in the age group of 14 to 18 years and provide mentoring and skill development at every step, needed by the child. The students are provided guidance from the industry experts.

Computer Training
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Excel & formulas
• Internet & browsing
• Mailing and data uses
• Software & hardware

Employability Skill Training
• Personality Development
• Social & business etiquettes
• Resume writing
• Preparing for interview
• Grooming and dressing
• Team work
• Art of speaking
• Body language
• Team Building

English Enhancement
• Improving Listening Comprehension
• Phonetics and Spoken English
• Extempore
• Skills
• Group Discussion
• Reading Comprehension
• Debate
• Team Work (Role Play)

Working Module
• Personality development classes to groom the students.
• Practical approach through available infrastructure.
• Advanced computer education to sharpen the technical skills.
• Career guidance and skill development classes to help the students efficiently decide their goals at a very early age.
• Skill development classes to impart employability skills into the students.
• Practical exposure and visits to corporate to enhance the employability skills.
• Career assessments to help students decide their area of interest and choose their career effectively.
• Help skilled students take up a corporate job or get into college for further studies.


Located at Habibpur village, Greater Noida, Sneh Chhanv Foundation is setup in 2017 with the aim to provide free nutrition and free health care to the children from the urban slums of Noida. In most cases, the children belong to families whose monthly income is less than Rs. 8000 per month. Naturally, none of them afford hospital fee or the cost of hospital medicines. Starting with just 5 beds hospital, the hospital also provides free consultation as well as medicines. The hospital ensures regular eye, dental, ENT and general health check-ups.


Going beyond just educating underprivileged children, Sneh Chhanv Foundation also believes in supporting their families and communities also. Towards this the Foundation has initiated several programs to impart livelihood skill sets to underprivileged women.
The idea of initiating this program came into existence after interacting with the families of poor people. It has been observed that the most of the families have the male members as their only bread earners and the female members have to depend on them because they do not possess the requisite skill sets to work and earn. Hence this kind of families where monthly income is not more than Rs 8000 per month finds very hard to earn their daily living.
The objective of these programs is to help the women become self-reliant and be able to support their families. Since these women will be able to support their children, the program also hopes to bring down child labor. The success of this program will also stop girls and women from being dragged into illegal activities.
Our vision for India is one where every woman is empowered to make positive decisions for themselves and their children. Healthy, well-informed mothers give birth to healthy well nourished children, children who have the potential to grow and develop to their fullest potential, learn in a nurturing and protected environment, and become productive and empowered citizens that can transform India.
The key skills sets that women are learning under this program.
Sneh Chhanv Foundation has successfully trained more than 100 ladies till the time and new beneficiaries are continuously being added up. The Foundation has helped some of the women to start self help group and their own ventures. The Foundation also provides a production facility at the school premises where the women in self help group are generating income by working on the orders provided by the Foundation.
After successfully training ladies in the parent centre at Sneh Chhanv Foundation, a new sewing & tailoring centre has been started recently in Village Bhangel, Noida. The centre has been started with a vision to benefit more needy families. After the initial survey, the program kicked off very well with good response in a very short span of time.Sewing and Tailoring The new addition to this initiative is Secretarial Services Program. In this program, the ladies in the age group of 18-25 years with 10+2 education are given employability training for Secretarial Jobs. The ladies are trained in Computers and English by the in-house trainers. They are also being groomed in personality traits and work place etiquettes. The Foundation tries in its full capacity that all the candidates get job opportunities in companies located in Noida.